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How do I get off Premarin after 30 years?

Posted by karelkul

I am 64 years old and my Doctor put me on Premarin immediately after giving me a partial hysterectomy at 35.    I have tried over the years to cut my dosage from .625.  A new Dr. suggested I try cutting that in half but after 6 weeks, the results were disasterous.  I have now weaned myself down to 1 pill (.625) Mon, Wed & Fri and 1/2 pill on alternate days but can't seen to go any further.  Cutting down another half creates terrible fatigue, anxiety, hot flashes and memory loss.  I was wondering if substituting a natural supplement from the health food store would help me to reduce the Premarin dosage (perhaps starting with 1 pill a week replacing one Premarin and eventually taking the natural dose instead of the Premarin.   Other than taking Crestor to control my cholesterol, I have no other health issues.  Other Doctors I have asked seem to be divided on this issue.

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