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How concerned should I be?

Posted by JEF

I have a 6 cm ovarian cyst and another cyst in uterus?,  extreme endometrial thickening  ( resulting in a recent post menopausal heavy bleed) and a closed cervix.  My gyn. want to do a D&C to scrape my lining and then take biopsy samples of the two cysts  should I be concerned... I am not sure what this means... my only real symptoms are lower back pain and extreme difficulty in losing weight.
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While heavy bleeding can be a normal variant of menopause, a biopsy will rule out any other conditions. D & C is a relatively simple procedure but has all the attendant risks of any general anesthesia. Ask your doctor what s/he believes might be going on and together make an informed decision. In addition,  get a second opinion before undergoing the procedure - and if it's the same, you may wish to have it done. If not, get a third. (Check with your insurance company - often they will cover the expense of a second opinion.)

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