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How Bioidentical Hormone Treatment Can Help With Menopause

Posted May 22 2010 5:01pm

Hormones are natural chemical substances naturally produced by the body. They are sort of chemical messengers that intervene in multiple vital processes. Only a small amount of hormones is necessary to alter metabolism. Surely, you have heard this funny word many times before: “I wish I had your metabolism; you eat all the time and never get fat.” But what is really metabolism?

Metabolism is mainly a huge number of chemical reactions necessary to support life. Metabolism has two sides, like a coin, indivisible from each other. One is catabolism -responsible for breaking down organic matter, so as to produce “fuel” for the body: energy and all the nutrients needed to function-, and the other is anabolism, that uses this energy produced to build up proteins, nucleic acids, and -yes- hormones needed to function.

Only a very small amount of hormones is needed to alter metabolism. Hence, it is easy to conclude that any “unbalance” produced by a lack or excess of certain hormones can really turn life into a nightmare.

Psychologically, menopause is like a tsunami to most women. Even though some of them will not admit it, motherhood is their key purpose in life. This does not mean that they are willing to devote their whole life to giving birth and raising children, but, in their fantasies, the possibility of becoming a mother is always there, in a corner of the mind. The final termination to this fantasy reflects the unavoidable passing of time. All these notions are emphasized by the fact that our culture venerates youth, despises old age and everything that has to do with it, and tends to equal youth to beauty.

Needless to say, during menopause the natural production of hormones gets upset, because the female body ceases to prepare itself for conception every month. Because of this lack of purpose, reproductive hormones -such as estrogens, progesterone and testosterone- are produced in decreasing quantities. And this is the primary cause of all uncomfortable, annoying symptoms that take place during this particular moment of female evolution. Since hormones are such a delicate matter, hormonal therapy is no simple decision to make.

Bioidentical hormones are hormones, either extracted from nature or synthesized in a lab, that are an exact match to the body’s natural hormones. The advantages are many. Firstly, they will be more readily absorbed by the body, thus enhancing their effectiveness. Secondly, after a blood screening, the physician will determine the exact amount of hormones needed and which ones. The goal is to restore the natural balance of the body. And the word natural is key in this matter. Unsupervised or faulty administration of hormones can make the remedy worse than the disease. This simply does not happen with bioidentical hormones.

Menopausal hormonal unbalance can bring several annoying disorders. Some of the most common are sudden hot flushes, skin dryness, acne, and hair loss. The list of little annoying discomforts seem endless: fatigue, lack of motivation, poor sleep, mood swings, crying spells, poor memory, migraine, make your pick. Bioidentical hormone treatment will provide relief from these nasty symptoms.

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