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Hormones: The Natural Love Enhancers

Posted Feb 15 2012 10:11am

By Dr. Kenneth Orbeck

Single or attached, it is likely that love is on your mind – good or bad – following this “Hallmark holiday.” Love and relationships are closely linked to our internal health.  Studies have shown that babies who are nurtured and touched often grow up to happier and healthier than babies who are not.  Married people statistically live longer than single people. Love and the need for love is inherent for almost every creature on the planet.

This is why when the spark in a long-term relationship fizzles, couples often experience frustration, fatigue, stress or depression. Such conditions can lead to a disruption in hormone balance and the steady state of your metabolism. It can be challenging to overcome these issues – it is not as simple as a treating an ailment, but it can be done.

When couples come to me with these frustrations, I discuss with them the physical and emotional effects – relating intimacy issues with sexual health. Intimacy is a complex entity that is affected by a variety of factors including, past experiences, current emotions and anticipation. Physically, intimacy is also linked to hormone balance.  Men and women who are experiencing deficiencies may feel no desire for sex, be unable to perform or have difficulty with intimacy.  Hormone imbalances affect mood, energy, sexual desire and the function of many of the body’s major systems.

Balancing your hormones can have a significant impact on the physiologic processes of the body, mental health and vitality. If the love in your life is being squashed by mental fatigue, exhaustion and feelings of apathy, metabolic testing and hormonal optimization can certainly help and restore the spark you have been missing in your life and, hopefully, your relationship.

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