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Posted Nov 21 2008 10:07am

There are widespread misconceptions about hormone replacement therapy, dropped by thousands of women following the frightening results of a the Women’s Health Initiative study, but one woman found that hormone replacement therapy held the key to relief for her Multiple Sclerosis.

Kathryn Simpson, author of THE MS SOLUTION: HOW I SOLVED THE PUZZLE OF MY MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS found that through her own diligent research hormone therapy totally ended her painful and debilitating symptoms of MS, a disease that affects 1 out of 700 Americans.

Rejecting the often dangerous anti-inflammatory therapies offered by her neurologist and frightened by her father’s history of degenerative neurological disease, Simpson took charge of her own health. She had her body’s endocrine levels tested and discovered that she was deficient in almost all of her body’s hormones.

Using her background as a biotech industry executive, Simpson became a bio-researcher and discovered hormone therapies that restored her good health. She also discovered:

New information that has come to light regarding the safety and efficacy of bio-identical hormones, including estrogen and progesterone, which can make a huge difference for women with MS.

Under-active thyroid is three times more common in women with MS than the general population.

1 in 50 women and 1 in 1,000 men are diagnosed with an under-active thyroid in their lifetime. The most common form of thyroid medication is usually inadequate; many MS patients require a replacement that incorporates all four of the body’s thyroid hormones.
25% of men with MS have low testosterone, while levels of estrogen are four times higher in male MS patients than in the general population. Under-active thyroid is one of the culprits in excess estrogen in men.

The adrenal glands are usually overlooked. A cortisol replacement is often the last piece of the puzzle that reverses remaining symptoms for total relief.
Proper hormone replacement can control and even reverse some of the degenerative effects of MS.

Spurred by her discoveries, Simpson founded a clinic to help others seeking relief from MS and related disorders. Three years later, she remains symptom-free. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon regarding scheduling an interview with Kathryn Simpson.
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