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Home Remedies and Natural Cure For Menopause

Posted Nov 09 2013 12:35pm

Home Remedies and Natural Cure For Menopause


Came to the conclusion that there is a time of menopause, women’s reproductive years. At the beginning of this phase of the peri – menopause and menstruation, a woman does not last for a year when there is a period of post-menopause. Once this phase of the menstrual cycle is completely ends. Every woman between the age of 45 to 50 years in this building. However, some women before the age of menopause, may have as well.

Causes of menopause

The main cause of menopause, with the passage of time, women attains the age of 45-50, when the ovaries stop producing estrogen. Inappropriate lack of estrogen the body function, irritability, and severe body pain, especially back pain causes.

The symptoms of menopause

severe body pain, and some may find their body temperature, extremely high body temperature, however, early menopause, with the difference in the extreme, extreme heat and cold sensation, some women experience menopausal women and their body parts were less severe, especially in the head, joints, eyes, etc., in severe pain experience; frequent urination and bladder problems related to the other; the skin, lifeless, dry, wrinkles and dark circle will appear at the bottom of the eyes. Other symptoms of menopause, irritability, mood swing, irritability, depression, easy to hold due to family problems and responsibilities are to teach.

Home Remedies for menopause

Menopause, natural, and it is healthy and normal for every woman between the age of 45 and 50 is formed. Lack of estrogen secretion from the ovary is the main reason for menopause. Menopause, a period that, it is painful. Nutritive value of food, herbs, and exercise and meditation based on the most effective home remedies are given below.

Nutritive value of food

During menopause, women should be taken to a healthy and nutritional food. Minerals such as calcium, magnesium deficiency has been changed at this time, so the minerals and vitamins, especially vitamin D in the rich, the food is well supported. Calcium – rich foods include: milk and milk products, cheese, beans and peas.

Green leafy vegetables, fruits, grains, sprouts to eat, take milk and cheese. Freshly prepared fruit juice is recommended at this time. However, except oily and fried food should be.

Water, fruit juice:

Dried and the cause of pain in the vagina during and after menopause, is required to achieve. Menopausal women with plenty of water (at least 8-10 glass) must drink fruit juice and other fluids like freshly prepared. However, caffeine, alcohol except one.

Beet juice is very effective for relief of menopause. , Take a cup of beet juice for flavor, add a little sugar. Take this drink 2-3 times a day. Similarly, carrot juice is also a great medicine for menopausal problems is to give fast relief. In fact, the output of a domestic remedy for menopause, it may take many seeds. Take 2-3 tablespoon of milk and boil the carrot seeds. Allow it to stand, strain the mixture. The milk to drink at least 2-3 times a day. One of the useful home remedies for the menopause.

The main rose oil

The Rose oil also gives an effective and menopause relief. 4-5 drops of rose oil prim take 2-3 times a day. One of the useful home remedies for menopause.

Other foods that increase estrogen level, alfalfa, garlic, beans, cabbage, beets, and these foods are rich in fiber and minerals and other nutrients, beet, pumpkin, apple, fruits such as papayas, vegetables and such. Menopausal estrogen problems, it is also because it is the best solution, said liquorices. Take 1-2 tablespoon a day of liquorices powder. Menopausal women do in this world wonder.

Available in the market with plenty of cream and made from natural herbs are of emollients. These creams are very dry skin, vaginal pain, irregular body temperature, etc. can be used for the treatment of

Bad dam (Almond) Oil

Almond oil can also be combined with Geranium oil is good for relief from menopausal pain. Equal amounts of these oils around the two together and apply to the vagina. Soothes the pain and makes it soft. The menopause is one of the best home remedies

Yoga and mediation:

Regular exercise, yoga, and meditation to help in the treatment of almost all diseases. Mild Walking, Jogging, Swimming is good for menopausal women. Yoga of anxiety, insomnia, etc., stress, depression can help control

So to all you wonderful women who have achieved menopause, panic phase of life and healthy life style to admit it, a balanced diet, yogis, exercises, and a happy attitude towards life by Please do not try to adjust with this step.

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