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Heavy or Prolonged Bleeding in Menopause - Dangerous or Normal?"

Posted May 14 2009 4:35pm 3 Comments
Recently on one of the health websites where I am privileged to be an expert on Menopause,, a member raised a question about bleeding for over a month solid. Of perimenopausal age, she was understandably worried. Most of us think of menopause as a time of skipping or diminishing periods until they cease altogether. Because this question comes up frequently and because it was the case in my perimenopausal transition, I m reprinting my answer to her for all concerned goddesses.
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Dear Liz.

I have been trying to find the answer you wrote to a member asking whether prolonged bleeding is dangerous or normal.  i have been bleeding on and off for forty three days.  During this time, I had one week of excessively heavy bleeding with cramps.   The last two weeks of the 43 days are just light spotting, just enough to need a napkin, no cramps.  i have also noticed that my ankles are slightly swollen, and I have hot flashes.  I am 53 years old, have always had very regular, but heavy periods.  Please advise.

So where is the answer?  I am 54 and have very similar symptoms to "tokyomama", although mine is almost constant bleeding or very liquid vaginal discharge.  Off and on it has had a "clean" or "bleachy" odor.  There has been blood daily for over 40 days, like I said, sometimes very thin, sometimes thicker, with the occassional small clot.  How much worrying should I be doing?
I am 49 and have been bleeding heavy now for 4 months straight. My heavy is changing an overnight pad every 2 - 3 hours. I had gone to a gyno and had a pap done. The lab came back normal. I had my tubes cut, tied and burned after my 4th child. I take an iron suppliment along with my one a day vitamin. The doctor had me on Estradiol 1 mg 3 times a day. It did nothing for me. Since I pay out of pocket for all my appointments I can't have a doctor trying this and that. So my question is simple, is this what I need to look forward too for the next few years? My concern that got me to the doctor was if I had any cancer going on as it runs in my family, not uterine cancer though. So is this my normal?
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