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Haven't had a period for several months I am 48. I cramp and have terrible pains then I start brown spotting. The pain has con

Posted by kareshouse

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just noticed your question. have you checked with your doctor about this? anytime there's pain....

I did have spotting in between periods, even thought I was pregnant (at age 50!) because I missed three in a row, then it came back with a vengeance and I had two heavy cleansing periods. My doctor had me have a pelvic ultrasound to check if everything was normal. It was. I've heard from many women that their periods start going a bit wacky, either very light, or very heavy, in the year before actually being menopaused ie no period. Did you know that peri-menopause actually lasts from 7-10 years on average? with all levels of symptoms.... 

Sorry I cut the rest off.  The cramping I get before what I think is my period continues for weeks then I spot for about a week to two then it stops.  I have never had this before.  The pain is horrible.  I go for a few months with no period.  Before that I was hot flashing like crazy.  Now no hot flashes just pain. 
Hi, what's the rest of your question?
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