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Happy New Year Maniacs!

Posted Jan 04 2010 11:01am

butterfly1Are we really in 2010?!?!  Gosh, I’m embarassed at how long it’s been since I posted… the holidays came (and went!) in a blink of an eye, I caught the same flu that everyone else did… and now, we are all back to ‘normal’ right!?!  Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m going to make 2010 my best year ever!  Oprah says it will be (and she even gave us a great cheat sheet) on how to do it… have you seen it?  Check it out:

Well, one of the things they say about being able to keep your resolutions is to share them so that you are held accountable :)

So, here goes:

1. Quit smoking (5 days and counting!)

2. Get healthy – make better choices when choosing what to eat, incorporate exercise and stress reduction techniques into my day to day — yes, parking further away and taking the steps count!), smile more and have fun!  Dr. Thackrey worked with me to come up with an exercise routine and a meal plan to help me optimize my bioidentical hormone therapy… ask your BodyLogicMD doctor to do the same for you.

3. Learn how to dance ballroom (my boyfriend and I are signed up for Argentine Tango lessons starting this Saturday!)…

4. Improve my photography skills (my good friend who is a professional photographer is letting me apprentice with her!)

5. Increase my knowledge of current events (a great suggestion from a friend of mine: - summarizes all the headlines and gives you more information if you want it)

6. Have more sex! ?!?  LOL  (Dr. Thackrey says my libido will improve more than it already has!)

7. Be a good resource for women going through menopause… let me know how I can help you or someone you know… I am lucky enough to have access to a national network of hormone experts and I can likely help you get the answer you are looking for…

8. Stay organized and improve my overall productivity and efficiency.

9. Learn a new skill that will serve me in my career.


Alright, so, I hope my little exercise has inspired you to do the same… feel free to share your resolutions – we can keep each other motivated and on track!  :)   Stay strong maniacs!


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