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Grumpy Old Men - Male Menopause is for Real

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:20pm
Came across an article about Jed Diamond's book, Male Menopause - this one is for the guys!

GRUMPY old men have long been an established figure of fun. In recent years they’ve even had their own television shows. But now they’re up for therapy. For it now seems that crustiness among us mid-life chaps isn’t necessarily a natural carnaptious rite of passage we must undergo before collecting our bus pass and slippers: just as women have to negotiate the change of life, with its attendant hormone-generated mood swings, depression and low libido, now it is being argued that men also experience "change of life", and can suffer from a related condition, labelled irritable male syndrome, which should be more widely recognised.

Irritable male syndrome (IMS) is not just the long-suffering spouse’s nickname for what happens when the TV remote gets lost down the side of the sofa. According to Jed Diamond, an American psychotherapist specialising in men’s health, it is an identifiable condition, resulting in depression, moodiness, anxiety and low sex drive. And, he believes, going by the testimony of hundreds of people he has interviewed, IMS can, and does, destroy relationships - it almost broke up his own marriage ... read the rest of this story here
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