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Dry Eye Strikes Many Menopausal Women

Posted Oct 01 2008 8:19pm 1 Comment
While 62 percent of older women experience dry eye, only 16 percent know it's linked to menopause, a new survey shows. The prevalence of dry eye is very high, and growing," said Phyllis E. Greenberger, president and chief executive officer of the Society for Women's Health Research. " Dry eye impacts the quality of life, as well as the physical health, of 10 million Americans each year."

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i started menapause in my early 40's when i had my tubes tied--i woke up a different person!  i thought they screwed up my anestetic or something--like lacking oxygen in the brain???  anyway since then i began having dry eye--burning corners  sometimes blurring and swelling of upper and lower lids.  ive been to numerous places trying to stop this and ive even had my lower tear ducts plugged. no over the counter or prescription eye drops work--if they do its not for long--but the funny thing is  is when i first put in my drops of any kind and i am looking through the 'water at first"  my vision is as clear as a bell and 3 minutes later when it dries up--back to my trifocals! i never know if my eye lids are going to be both swollen shut or normal in the morn until i wake up, and my eyes--while i am asleep must get used to being moist--so for the first 45 minutes after i first wake up they tear so bad from air hitting them its like i am crying--then i go right back to dry eye and puffy really bad most of the time latley whenre the bottom lid id so swollen its actually folded over like a sack and my upper lid is so bad its resting on my eyelashes.  i take omega 3  keep trying drops and going to docs and using them but by mid day i actually think my windshield is so dirty i cant see clearly.  anyone with any info--ide  greatly appreciate it.  i live in mich so the weather is always different but my humidifier is always plugged in just in case (even in the summer) the humidity is too low.  thanks for any posts in advanced--someone even told me at a health food store her granny swore by putting drops of milk in my eyes--so i did and it looked like i was looking through milk until it evaporated, so no help there... help!!!
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