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Dr. Pepper Schwartz Answers Your Questions About Menopause and Sex

Posted Jul 13 2012 11:04pm

One of the hottest topics in our forum has been the connection between menopause and sex. Many of our members have complained that they’ve lost their libidos, are never in the mood, and just don’t feel like themselves anymore. Well, thanks to the folks at Replens , we were able to round up your questions and interview one of the country’s leading relationship experts.

Dr. Pepper Schwartz is a Professor of Sociology at the University of Washington in Seattle. She’s received numerous awards and is the author of 14 books, including The Great Sex Weekend, The Lifetime Love and Sex Quiz Book, and Everything You Know About Love and Sex is Wrong. Dr. Schwartz has also contributed to several national magazines and newspapers and she lectures across the globe about relationship topics, women’s issues, communication between men and women, and maintaining personal and family well-being in today’s world.

So we were obviously excited when we had an opportunity to conduct a video interview with Dr. Schwartz and get the real scoop on your fears, concerns, and challenges when it comes to menopause and sex. Check out the video below as we have candid conversation on a variety of topics, including:

How can you talk to your doctor about sex? Let’s face it, our doctors aren’t always helpful when it comes to discussing menopause and sex. Dr. Pepper Schwarz advises you to tell your doctor exactly what’s wrong. And if your doctor can’t help you, ask for the name of somebody who can.

How can we feel good about ourselves when we’re just not in the mood? Sometimes, the right mood is all about “setting the stage.” Great sheets, a bouquet of flowers, soft music or a few glasses of champagne can help get the romance back on track.

How can we get our confidence back in the bedroom? There are plenty of ways to feel stronger, better and more like your “younger self.” Physical exercise or a trip to the beauty parlor can have an impact on your mind, as well as your body.

We hope you enjoy the video and find Dr. Schwartz as informative and entertaining as we did. And if you want to share your thoughts or ask questions about menopause and sex, don’t forget to join us in our menopause forum .


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