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Don't Buy Omega 3 Supplements Before Reading This...

Posted Aug 14 2008 10:08am 1 Comment
Not all Fish Oil and Omega 3 supplements are the same. All supermarket, internet and health food store brands are supplement grade and useless at delivering the essential fats that your body needs. Worse still, some are rancid and contaminated with toxic levels of mercury and organic pollutants.

Supplement companies do not perform the stringent testing that is required to certify that their fish oil is ULTRA-PURIFIED and does not contain pollutants or contaminants. It takes 100 gallons of health food supplement grade fish oil to produce 1 gallon of ultra-purified pharmaceutical grade fish oil.

Not All Omega 3's Contain DHA and EPA

Not all Omega 3's will provide you with DHA and EPA. This is because these essential fatty acids are not present in a lot of Omega 3 products. For example, ground flax seed is excellent oil for certain uses and contains Omega 3's but does not actually contain any DHA or EPA at all. Instead it contains ALA which your body has to convert to DHA and EPA.

In many people, particularly the elderly this conversion process is very inefficient. To give you an idea, it is estimated that most adults would have to consume 10 - 40 grams of flaxseed oil to produce just 0.2 grams of DHA.

So, if you want to get the proven benefits of DHA and EPA, which include opening of blood vessels, decrease in blood clotting, decrease in inflammation and pain, killing cancer cells, improving immune system, improving mental function, stopping heart irregularities and sudden death and preventing heart disease, don't rely on getting your Omega 3's from vegetable oils such as flaxseed.

Griffin Medical Group prescribes Vital Nutrients ultra-purified pharmaceutical grade omega 3 fish oil to their patients, that is loaded with high quality DHA and EPA so patients can achieve an optimal level of health.

Delivered by the Griffin Group in Costa Mesa CA
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Thanks for posting this. I've noticed that my Omega 3 gel pills have developed a strong smell that does not seem right. I store them as stated on the bottle, but because of this smell, I've been concerned about taking them. Based on your information, I'm going to do a little research before digesting any more.
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