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Don’t Skip the Intro

Posted Mar 09 2012 5:00am

If you haven’t read Dr. Jennifer Landa’s new book, The Sex Drive Solution for Women – you must go out and get your copy today!

If you have read her book or are picking it up for the first time, I must emphasize the necessity of reading the intro. Seriously, it’s really important to understand where an author is coming from and especially when it is a doctor speaking on a subject as personal as sex. In this case, however, I strongly recommend the intro because I don’t want you to miss a very important fact as to why Dr. Jen is truly an expert voice on this matter – Dr. Jen had her own personal issues with sexual health and lost libido. Although she has not experienced menopause, she has experienced a lack of sex drive that plagues so many of my “hot chick” sisters going through “the change.” (By the way and just for the record – I hate that phrase! It sounds like we are transitioning into some new form of beast (which is unfortunately true too often) that is less than human and certainly not feminine.

Thankfully, we don’t have to feel like zombies or say goodbye to energy and bedroom bliss. If you have not read Dr. Jen’s intro, go back and read it – She is on our side, she has answers to our issues, and she is a doctor! If you have a doctor that has patted you on the head and given you an antidepressant for your “problem” please read this book! I have friends who are finding liberation from dependence on all sorts of drugs that just treat the symptoms of menopause and not the actual cause. You should (and can) be one of them! Happy reading!!

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