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Does Estrogen Cause Breast Cancer? Part III

Posted Jul 20 2012 1:00am
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This is the final post in Dr. Joseph Mazzei’s series on the relationship between estrogen therapy and breast cancer.    

If you wish to contact Dr. Mazzei or any of his colleagues in the Body Logic medical group, please see his byline at the end of the post. 

As always, the views expressed in this post are not necessarily the views held by  The Perimenopause Blog  and are for informational purposes only. Please see your physician or healthcare provider for personal medical evaluations. 

Our immune system also plays a big role in cancer prevention.  We all produce abnormal cancer cells from time to time.  When our immune system is working as it should, the cells are destroyed before they become a problem.  In women for which I prescribe hormone therapy, I work with them to optimize and strengthen their immune system function.

This includes optimizing Vitamin D levels, reducing general inflammation in the body, and promoting healthy gut function,  along with healthy nutrition.   Each of these topics can be an independent discussion regarding how they relate to breast cancer risk reduction.  When each of these aspects of health are addressed, cancer risk is reduced and any danger of estrogen is minimized.

Unfortunately, there is no single research study which gives a definitive answer regarding  estrogen replacement therapy.   However, it is important to know that breast cancer risk is not just about estrogen.  There are many factors which influence your risk.

Like most things in medicine, there is still much we do not know and many more studies which need to be conducted.  However, estrogen therapy can be administered safely under the care of a physician who has studied the available research and addresses what I have shared with you.

If you simply take estrogen, without considering your internal environment, you may be increasing your risk of breast cancer.  If you do nothing, you may also be at risk for breast cancer, whether you take estrogen or not.

However, if you find a doctor who understands the complexity of  estrogen therapy , it can be administered safely without increasing your risk for cancer.

Dr. Joseph Mazzei is a Chicago based doctor for BodyLogicMD  and specializes in bioidentical hormone therapy. He graduated from the Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine at Midwestern University and is Board Certified by the American Osteopathic Board of Emergency Medicine (AOBEM). 

He is an Advanced Fellow in the American Board of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine Fellowship, and a member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and the American Osteopathic Association. (AOA). His Chicago office is located at 65 E. Wacker Place, Suite 600 Chicago, IL 60601 (312) 546-6490  and his Northbrook office is located at 5 Revere Drive, Suite 238 Northbrook, IL 60062 (312) 546-6490

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