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Does anybody going thru Menopause feel like they are going crazy ??

Posted by Deb

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The short answer is YES! My girlfriend Theresa and I were so blindsided by Menopause that we did think we might be crazy. Just in case we weren't the only ones, however, we started our Menopause Goddess group. Our first meeting 6.5 years ago, we found out that virtually all of the women in our group felt that way at some point in their journey. And we were from all over the country, different backgrounds etc.

The most important things to know are these:  feeling like you are going crazy is Normal. (Although certainly depression or anxiety that significantly interfere with daily life activities is not normal and may need professional help.)  It's a matter of degree.

e.g. Crying over tire commercials or for no reason at all can be normal. So depressed you can't get out of bed - not normal.

Another thing you need to know is that the worst of it is temporary. This too shall pass. Although it might be a year or two.

Third and most important: you can't get through this alone. Girlfriends can support and sustain you right now. Visit our blog site for details on how to start your own goddess group. And use the search function there to find info on your particular symptoms that make you feel crazy and what your choices are for relief. It's  just women sharing wisdom - having been there and done that. In some cases, still doing that.

Good luck - keep us posted. It really does get better!

Lynette Sheppard RN  Health Maven for Menopause Community

Menopause Goddess Blog

Author of The Big M  Everything You Need To Know About The Pause

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