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Do you need Help with Hyperhidrosis?

Posted Mar 17 2009 2:27am
Spring is just around the corner and while the majority of people are going to be hanging out with friends, lounging at a pool and taking part in hobbies, a small group of people will be working and lingering around at home. Why?

Because some people have the disorder called Hyperhidrosis. The disorder effects only about 3% of us and can be a result of menopause and other changes in your life.You can get hyperhidrosis with age, illness, almost anything, even menopause can start making you have hot flashes and sweat more then the normal rate.

But there is hope because there are products that can help you enjoy your Spring just like everyone else.Like sports? Try specially designed Drymax Sport Socks. They are socks that are proven to keep your feet dry as the material wicks away sweat. Dry feet means you can play your ball games without injury from wetness.Like to be outdoors?

Try Jack Black Sun Guard, Oil-Free Very Water/Sweat Resistant Sunscreen. This powerful sunscreen will help you stay safe from the sun and wont wash off from your hyperhidrosis.Like makeup? All women love makeup but not all women sweat like ones with hot flashes or facial hyperhidrosis.

If your make up runs across your cheeks, then try sweat resistant makeup. Start with a sweat proof foundation, and water proof mascara to get started. Look for sport and active products when shopping.There are also many other products to help you cope with your sweat and hot flashes which include earphones for your iPod and clothing (especially for sports). So get creative, and shop around for things that will help you and enjoy Spring.

For more on everything sweaty, visit for more information.
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