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Do people divorce more during perimenopause?

Posted Feb 21 2010 2:33pm 3 Comments
It seems like all around me people are getting divorced or separated. It occurred to me that this seems to happen a lot for couples in the 38 to 50 age range. Perimenopause also takes place during that time. Hmm… Could there be a correlation? Do our hormones ruin our chances of a good relationship? Something I have been toying with is the idea that perimenopause changes the patience/
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I have read your article ,I am totally agree with you.Today there is no stability in marraige because of the divorce system.Going through a divorce can be a trying time emotionally, physically, and financially. Legal support and guidelines
Divorce is not always the best option. Sometimes all you need to do is step back for a new perspective and then you can make a better choice.Think about your family from a child's point of view. Obviously a child can't express any of this but you will see the logic and hopefully add to it.Anyways anykind of legal help visit us at Legal support specialists UK
Divorce does not affect just the husband and wife but leaves a hard effect on children and more than one million children suffer their parental divorce every year.Another effect is the children's lives are more stressful. Free legal support service
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