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Difficulty Sleeping? Maybe you have Sleep Apnea or Anxiety

Posted Nov 04 2009 10:06pm

by William Hauselburg

Medical Conditions like Sleep Apnea and Anxiety can Keep You from Getting a Good Night's Sleep
Did you have a great night of sleep last night? Many Americans didn't. This is partially because of our lifestyles. Americans are some of the busiest people in the world. Waking up early for work, combined with staying up late, leads to less sleep for the average American. There are other reasons people aren't sleeping well, however. There are many medical conditions which can lead to a decreased quality of sleep.

Sleep Apnea Disrupts Sleep

One such medical condition which can contribute to poor sleep is sleep apnea. Many people with sleep apnea never know they have it until they are diagnosed. This is because sleep apnea only affects people while they are sleeping. The side effects of poor sleep, however, carry over in the waking hours.

People with sleep apnea have trouble sleeping because the soft tissue in the back of their throat relaxes during sleep and blocks the airway. This causes the person to wake up frequently during the night, and never get a full night of restful sleep.

There are several treatments for sleep apnea, but the best results come from physical treatment. This physical treatment is handled by machines like the C-PAP machine, which continually circulates air through a person's airways. A C-PAP machine consists of a compressor which circulates the air, and a sleep apnea mask which attaches to the person's face.

One problem with C-PAP machines is that in order to help, they need to be used every night. Also, some people find the mask that comes with the unit to be uncomfortable. Fortunately there are alternative c-pap masks available. This variety of options makes it easier for someone to find a mask they find comfortable.

Anxiety Can Also Disrupt Sleep

Another factor which can lead to poor sleep is anxiety. Anxiety can play a big role when it comes to falling asleep. Anxiety also can kick back in when someone wakes up in the middle of the night.

Anxiety treatments vary from patient to patient. Some patients may be best treated by anti-anxiety medication, whereas other might respond better to medication that would put them to sleep. Some patients might be better off without any medication, focusing solely on mental conditioning to assist in falling asleep.

You Deserve a Good Night's Sleep

If you are getting to bed at a reasonable time but still feel tired all day, you should tell your doctor. You might have an easily solved medical condition which is stealing your sleep.

About the Author
Sleep apnea mask is being widely used today by people who have sleep disorders. However, people find it difficult to find the best sleep apnea mask. The author of this article, being an expert in choosing about the sleep apnea mask, recommends using c-pap masks for this purpose.

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