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Desertification - The Drying Out of A Menopausal Goddess

Posted May 14 2009 4:35pm
During menopause, EVERYTHING dries out - and I do mean everything. Seemingly overnight, our skin goes from supple to saran wrap. Our hair goes from bouncy to brittle. Our poor eyes fall prey to a condition known as dry eye syndrome. Now we need to lubricate our eyes, even if we don t wear contact lenses.

We flake, crack, and itch. We exfoliate spontaneously, like granite outcroppings. We feel physically uncomfortable in this leathery new version of skin even while we are learning to be emotionally at home in it.

And so we spend the equivalent of the national debt (okay not OUR national debt, but say the debt of a small monarchy somewhere) on moisturizers, creams, emollients, and oils just to stay EVEN. We drink enough water to intoxicate ourselves. We ingest AND apply those little gold Vitamin E capsules religiously.

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