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Can menopause cause your thyroid tests and antibodies to read as hyperthyroid?

Posted by CC4741

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Hmmm . . . typically as we age, we tend to become hypothyroid.  I have not heard of menopause causing any abnormality in thyroid function tests, especially not enough to be diagnoses as hyperthyroidism.  However, hyperthyroidism might manifest and be confused as menopause, at least initially.  Depending upon which bothers you more, you might talk with your family physician about treating just one and not the other for a short defined period of time.  If that takes care of your symptoms, then you're done.  Of course, if we "chose poorly", then you'd need to treat the other.  Either way, keep in touch with your family physician and monitor your test results regularly.  Both menopause & hyperthyroidism can lead to bone loss or osteoporosis so be sure to get a DEXA and calculate your risk for fracture.  If you do indeed have hyperthyroidism, you'll want to get that undercontrol before you end up with atrial fibrillation and then possibly a stroke.  Hope this helps.  Good luck!
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