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Belly Dancing As Exercise

Posted Jul 14 2009 10:06pm 2 Comments
One of the latest crazes in exercise and losing weight is dancing. There are programs out there for almost any type of dance you can imagine, and it is tailored towards helping someone learn the basic moves so that they can get the exercise they need in a very fun way. The reason these are so successful is because they are so much more fun than sitting on a exercise bike or sweating away on an elliptical machine. Belly dancing is one of the more interesting types of dance you can do, and it goes a long way towards developing your core muscles.

You have probably seen belly dancing in movies if you have not seen it in person. Not matter how fit you may be, this dance is not as easy as it looks. In fact, if you take it up as exercise, you may find that you are very sore for a few days after your very first lesson. This works the core muscles in your torso that you use all day long, but it also hits many of the ones that you may not be using. That leads to you feeling like you can go all day long with belly dancing, but you end up feeling pretty beat up if you overdo it.

You don’t have to start out with a flat belly to do belly dancing, though many who are a little plump in that area don’t want be seen doing this type of dance in public. That is understandable, and is also why there are some good programs that you can get to use in your own home. You will have an instructor but it will not be as interactive as it would be if you were taking a real class. You should not worry though, as you don’t have to wear a skirt to do belly dancing if you won’t wish. You can wear what you want until you are comfortable with your own body.

If you aren’t sure that belly dancing is right for you, don’t sweat it too much. There are plenty of other types of dances that you can do for exercise, even if you make them up on your own. You can watch any type of dance and mimic what you see. You will find that you get a good workout if you push yourself. You may also find that you have more fun than you ever thought you could have while exercising, and that you want to make dance a permanent part of your daily exercise routine.
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I think bellydancing is not only a way to get in touch with your inner spirituality, but to take time to yourself and enjoy physical activity (instead of punishing yourself with the monotonous step-stepper machine or treadmill at the gym). Also, with bellydancing, more voluptuous curves make for a better looking dance(r), so body acceptance is more quickly embraced with this form of dance (in comparison to say, ballet).

I don't agree with the statement that it's "a good way to lose weight!" To me, that is, again, just focussing on weight loss, burning calories, etc... and that's just totally disordered. It's time we, as women, quit constantly thinking "oh, am I burning calories?!" while doing any physical activity, and re-learn how to just ENJOY "being."

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