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Are You Frustrated With Your Stubborn Weight Loss Efforts? Weight Loss Resistance – Part 2

Posted May 07 2012 5:22pm

If you were unable to attend our May 3 Menogasm Call – we wanted you to have this information about your stubborn weight loss .

We discussed why you may be frustrated and upset regarding your efforts.  This is part 2 of 4 parts of  – just the highlights!

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One of the biggest myths for losing weight is to reduce your calories!

Principle 2 – It’s not about the calories – it’s about the hormones and what nutrients are in those calories.

There are many diets that show different proportions of:

  • fats
  • proteins
  • carbs

We teach  you how to get more nutrients out of your food –  we call it Aligned Eating.  We are not about counting calories, counting grams of fats, carbs, or proteins.  That is taking you away from health !

And we teach you how to trigger those fat burning hormones !

When calories are reduced – your body wants to keep those fat stores even more!

What happened?  In 1906  food soils were 40 times richer than they are now.

So we are eating foods that are much more empty now – unless they are organically grown.  If the soil is depleted, then the plant is depleted and the body is also depleted.  As a result, most people are not looking at the quality of the food – just the quantity (number of calories.)

This is why you may have cravings – you are craving certain nutrients.  Have you ever eaten and just in a short while you walk aimlessly to the kitchen and open the refrigerator door and just stare in at it.  What’s up with that?

Your body is still looking for something nutritious – especially after a big meal of zero calories.   Your cravings can tell you what nutrients you are deficient in.

If you crave sweets – you are deficient in Potassium
If you crave chocolate – you are deficient in Magnesium
If you crave bread – you are deficient in Vitamin B1

What is a Hormone?

It is a chemical message produced by a gland that is sent through the bloodstream to affect a cell in another part of the body.

Hormones are the language of the body. Instead of using words – the body sends out the chemical messengers to affect millions of actions each day in the body. 

As we mentioned in Part 1 of this article, there are 6 and 3 fat storing hormones.  A few of your fat-burning hormones are:

1- GH – Growth Hormone is made in the pituitary gland in your brain.  This is a fat-burning and lean producing hormone.  It is also an anti-aging hormone.  Growth Hormone is produced by deep restorative sleep (which is why you will never if you are not sleeping well) and it is also triggered by certain kinds of exercise .

2- Thyroid Hormones (T3 and T4)  control the rate of your metabolism.  They increase the size and number of the mitochondria (little factories that convert sugar into and establish your metabolism) in your cells. 

People who are fat  have a slower metabolism, which results in insufficient thyroid production causing .  It can usually be caused by toxins disrupting the hormone messages such as chlorine and fluoride in our water,  appearing to look  like iodine to the body.

Skipping  meals – especially breakfast and cutting calories will inhibit these hormones.

3- Adrenalin – this is the main hormone for fat release.  It is the main hormone to get the body ready for action – muscle contraction, increased heart rate and blood pressure. It is stimulated by .

A couple of your Fat Storing Hormones are:

1- Insulin – Insulin is made in the pancreas and it’s main function is to reduce the blood sugar after a meal.  It causes the cell to absorb sugar as fuel and then convert the rest to fat and cholesterol.

In the presence of Insulin you DO NOT BURN FAT.  Sugar and all its many forms triggers Insulin.

2- Cortisol   is a stress hormone that is produced in the adrenal glands and activated by .  stimulates a release of sugar into the blood for instant fuel for action.  For example running from a bear  (the fight or flight response.)   The problem is a lot of us live in this state on a constant basis, so the sugar is always present in the blood causing the insulin to pack the fat around the mid-section.

Bottom line – you have to alleviate the stress otherwise you will never lose that belly.

woman in stress 400x300 Are You Frustrated With Your Stubborn Weight Loss Efforts?  Weight Loss Resistance   Part 2


Why Is Exercise So Important?
Principle 3:  You need the appropriate exercise for you.

Another HUGE Myth and misconception is that you need to exercise harder in order to experience any !

Why should you exercise?

The reason to exercise is NOT TO BURN CALORIES.   The reason to exercise is to increase the number of mitochondria in your cells, to increase stimulation of your fat burning hormones and to increase the fat-burning hormone production.  It works only if you do it correctly.

Actual fat burning occurs 14 to 48 hours after exercising  IF you:

  • don’t have any sugar before or after
  • are not stressed
  • getting plenty of good restorative   (when the growth hormone is made)
  • do not eat carbs before or after a workout

Exercise is a stress.  You stress your body.  Then you stop.  What is supposed to happen is you recover and you feel better than before you exercised.  That is the time you burn fat.

The key in proper exercising is how long it takes you to recover – the unhealthier you are, the longer it takes you to recover.

This recovery period is a function of your parasympathetic nervous system.

There are two parts to our Autonomic Nervous system.

The Sympathetic Nervous System is like the accelerator on your car – it speeds things up.  You’ve heard of the flight or fight response – it makes your heart rate faster, tightens your muscles, increases your blood pressure, takes blood away from your internal organs and shifts it to your arms and legs making you ready for action.

The parasympathetic system is like your brake.  It slows everything down. Most people today have a very unhealthy parasympathetic system – they can’t slow down – always on high alert and ready to fight or flee. If this system is not functioning properly – the recovery period after exercising is very long – which is where the fat is supposed to be burned.

When you take time to love your pet (or any animal), you are triggering your parasympathetic system.  That is a good thing!

There are 3 parts to an exercise:

1. Duration
2. Intensity
3. Recovery

The intensity is what generates (GH)  Growth Hormone, also referred to as anti-aging hormone.

The problem is when you increase intensity but you are stressed and can’t recover well.  You have to work up to it – increasing intensity and also improving recovery.  We call it Interval training,  surge training or bursting.

The best way to perform this to take your resting pulse rate – do something to get it up to 80% of maximum and then see how long it takes your body to recover back to your normal resting heart rate.  This becomes your interval training cycle – and then do 3 to 4 cycles.

This is the best way to stimulate the GH – which is one of the fat burning hormones.  It is a major one.

Watch for Part 3 of this article to find out about why “good quality” sleep affects your fat burning hormones (which also helps with weight loss ) and what you can do to help it!


To hear this entire call and receive all future calls PLUS the outlines, summaries, and worksheets for EVERY call PLUS other interviews with Menopause experts we regularly conduct – Join Our Gold Circle Community.

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