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Are severe rashes a symptom of menopause?

Posted by Zahra

Hello, my mom is 51 years old and recently she has developed some kind of severe rashes all over her body which she has observed only shows up a few days to her monthly period. These rashes 3e itchy and last til a few days after her period. In addition to this, she says her cycle has reduced to 3 days instead of her normal 5 days. She's always tired and fatigued. She recently just found out her blood pressure's shot up. Could this be just her menopause startimg or do we need to have another opinion? Thank you...
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I've not heard of severe rashes being associated with menopause per se and the blood pressure elevation is concerning. She should see her MD as soon as possible to be tested and rule out other conditions.

Keep us posted.

Lynette Sheppard RN

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