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Anyone used Evening Primrose Oil and/or Vitamin E to control hot flashes and mood swings? How did it work for you?

Posted by Lynn W. Facebook

I'm 47, very physically active runner and yoga practitioner.  My diet is largely vegetarian, with meat a few times per week.  Eating 5 or more servings of fruit and vegetables each day is a priority as it really helps my body function better on so many levels.

Progesterone cream and Maca Root tincture worked well to control my hotflashes and mood swings for two years.  Then it just stopped working.  I found out that, though I 'rested' from the cream every 28 days, I didn't know I was supposed to take a 'rest' from the Maca as well. This likely created the problem.

Thought I 'rested' from both treatments for 6 months, per recommendations I received, when I returned to using Maca, it made me feel strangely disconnected and depressed.  Upon stopping, this feelings disappeared.  Thus, I embarked upon finding a new combination of supplements to control my symptoms.

I'm attempting to find balance again continuing the Progesterone cream and adding additional Vitamin E and Evening Primrose Oil.  Already taking Fish Oil and additional Vitamain D as supplements to a Women's multi-vitamin.


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