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am i the only woman who seems to get a skin rash on the areas of bio ident cream application?

Posted by amy

  i have taken bio id hormones on and off almost 4 years, it really seems i am allergic to the creams as i get a itching hives mosquito bite type skin reaction at or near the various sites of application. the comp. pharm. says  no one else gets a reaction like that. am i the only one?

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Dear Amy,

I had a reaction to the vaginal estriol cream that I was taking; swelling and itching- my MD felt it was a sensitivity reaction and switched me to a bioidentical hormone patch - estradiol. I get a very slight reddening where the adhesive touches my skin that really doesn't bother me.

Sensitivity reactions are individual - maybe you are unusual, but it sounds like a genuine reaction so ask your MD for another delivery method or option.

Good luck and keep us posted.

Lynette Sheppard RN  Health Maven  Menopause Community

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