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Abundance -2nd Step

Posted Mar 01 2009 12:00am

Another step to create more abundance is to embrace the symbols of abundance. The money received as our income is not the only symbol of abundance.  It is also represented by the bills we pay.

Some of us resent paying our bills.  But what is the abundance our bills represent?  What do they allow us to do as far as our lifestyles?
By having resentment when paying bills, these thoughts and feelings keep our abundance away from us.

A simple exercise to reverse this: Think about any bill that you didn’t like paying and picture what that bill represents.  Then give thanks for what you received in exchange for that bill.

For instance it could be the monthly bill of cable television which allows the whole family to enjoy movies together.  Or a charge for the flight of a trip taken that allowed you to visit a special person in your life.

Just as there are no good or bad events in our lives, there are no good or bad expenses.  We label them good or bad.  Eventually you will notice that all the events and expenses in your life are important steps toward creating  prosperity.  And you unconsciously begin to give thanks for those events and expenses without even thinking about it.

By taking the first and second steps you prove you are open and receptive to receiving your highest good now.  Give thanks for the abundance that already exists in your life.

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