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A Few Insights from the Menopause ChitChat Member Survey

Posted Mar 05 2013 8:46pm

A few weeks ago, we conducted our first ever Menopause ChitChat Member Survey. We asked members in our menopause forum to answer ten questions on a variety of topics. While our goal was to find out what our members wanted and how we can make Menopause ChitChat a better resource, we also snuck in a few questions about how they’re handling their journeys through menopause.

Considering this was our first survey, the results were pretty strong. Over 100 members responded and were very open in sharing their experiences and opinions.  So, while we’re working on changes to the website, we thought we’d pass along some wisdom from the community. Here a few of the survey results we thought you might find interesting:

What menopause symptoms do you struggle with the most? As most women know, we all have very different experiences with menopause. But while hot flashes and mood swings seem to get the most attention, we were a little surprised by the responses. At the very top of the list, nearly 70% of our members struggle with anxiety.

It’s also easy to see how menopause symptoms are connected. Of the 68% of our members who are having sleep issues, many also suffer from mood swings, memory lapses, fatigue and a loss of libido.

MCC-Survey-Symptoms Where do you typically turn for advice? With so many different ways to access information today, we really wanted to know how our members sought out advice on menopause. Obviously, when you conduct an online survey, you’d expect that most turn to the internet. And they do. Almost 80% of the members go online to get the insight they need.

But interestingly, more of our members seek advice from family and friends (43%) than they do their own doctors (40%). Granted, this is a small sampling, but what is that telling us about our relationships with our doctors? In many forum postings, members are unimpressed with how their doctors respond to questions about menopause and treatment recommendations.

What can we do to improve Menopause ChitChat? We are always striving to reach more women, help them better understand their symptoms, and deliver the resources they need. With all of the great responses we’ve received, we’ll be making some changes to both the website and the forum. We know that two thirds of our members, for example, would like more access to health experts. So, while we’ve already conducted a handful of interviews over the past few years, we want to take it to the next level. And we’ve already started a monthly blog series, Menopause Now , where we’ll include news, studies, books, products and other resources you might find useful.

Finally, we asked for feedback and testimonials from our members. Here’s what they had to say:

“An excellent site. It was a life saver. Would recommend it to a friend if they were having problems! More accurate information than from my GP!”

“It’s such a blessing to go on the site and find out that I’m not the only one with crazy symptoms, especially earlier in the year when I was dealing with anxiety! Thank God that’s gone…l still appreciate seeing other women’s stories and knowing that what I’m going thru is “normal”.  

“I usually find it reassuring to know other women are experiencing the same symptoms and find encouragement from other members.”

Based on these and other comments, we at least think we’re moving in the right direction. We’re building a community where we can connect and support each other. You’re not alone. We know we have a long way to go and want to thank everyone who participated.

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