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A Cure For Night Sweats Discomfort - Drydreams Sleepwear

Posted May 14 2009 4:35pm
Night sweats, a particularly demonic variation on the theme of hot flashes, can cause bedclothes, sheets, and even bed partners to become soaked in our perspiration. Some Venuses experience this phenomenon more than once per night. Already plagued by insomnia and night terrors, having to get up and change your nightgown or the sheets can literally put a menopausal goddess over the edge.

I don t suffer from night sweats any more, but I have had my share of garden variety hot flashes, especially after getting up in the middle of the night to pee. Why that should precipitate a mini-meltdown I have no idea. Just another in a series of weird phenomena that accompany the Change! At any rate, I would perspire ever so lightly during my small flashfire, still it would be enough to make my jammies uncomfortably moist.

First I d find myself in the middle of my own personal global warming crisis. Second, an ice age would commence as wet, clammy nightwear sucked the warmth from the core of my body. I d shiver my way to full wakefullness. Hot, cold, hot, cold. Endless climactic dramas throughout the mdnight hours.

Imagine my delight in discovering Drydreams, fantastic pajamas that wick away moisture from night sweats and nocturnal flashes.
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