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2 Main Causes of Osteoporosis Post Menopause in Older Women

Posted Jun 05 2010 5:12pm

The medical definition of Osteoporosis is a disease of the bone. It is described that the bone mass and density have decreased thus making the bone high-risk to fracture. This kind of disease is caused by the bone tissue that is deteriorating resulting for bones to become brittle and vulnerable to rupture. occurs commonly in older women who have been through menopause.

The vital part of our system is the skeleton. It serves as the framework of our body that keeps us to stand erect. Our bone is made up of collagen protein and calcium phosphate. These two main components are essentially working together to keep the bone hard and strong. Our body before it reaches the age of 30 undergoes the so called balance of weakening and mending. However, our body’s ability to repair drops as we become old. Unfortunately, women suffer most with Osteoporosis.

Generally, Osteoporosis occurs to women who are in their menopausal stage. To date, there are already millions of women who are diagnosed with this predicament. Every year the number of women with Osteoporosis increases, thus all women must be cautious of their health and must take care of their bone. There are some identified causes of this disorder.

The two main causes of Osteoporosis are as follows:

1) Number one factor is the menopausal effects fasten together with a woman’s age. Women in menopausal stages are going through hormonal imbalance that eventually affects the bone, thus Osteoporosis post menopause can usually happen in older women.

2) Number two factor is pointed to genetics. Women who have older generations who went through Osteoporosis are prone to suffer the same ailment when they get older.

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