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Stress Can Encourage Good Habits Too In a recent research it was found that that when people are stressed and tired, they are just as l ...
May 29 2013 6:18am
vasectomy still effective? Hello, I am looking for answer to a question about vasectomies.  If a guy has a vasectomy, lasered a ...
Feb 18 2013 10:24pm
Hypogonadism Info Hello, my name is Samuel Foster and I work for the Henne Group, a medical research firm located in ...
Jan 03 2011 11:11pm
regrowth of penis  hi everyone........  is there any type of steroid that help to permote the regrowth of penis . ...
May 18 2010 2:37am
Please excuse me for butting into a discussion that has nothing to do with me... more
May 27 2010 7:27am
plZZZZZZZZZZz answer i had a cyst in left testicle and i got operated 3 days ago , now i am  worried because left te ...
Feb 06 2010 5:27pm
what he said is what it is right   more
Mar 22 2010 1:20pm
Tempur-Pedic Mattress ! Hi friends, I am researching mattresses to help me sleep better and help a sore back. Has an ...
Jan 19 2010 10:28pm
Yes most people love them. We sell them at our clinic and have never had a... more
Feb 15 2010 2:13pm
Male Kegels Ive been trying to post a reply to a topic about Kegels but Im having troouble so starting here wi ...
Dec 20 2009 9:40am
BLOOD CLOOTS Why would a blood clot form on the top skin of a penis? particularly after sex.
Nov 22 2009 3:01pm
Two condoms Yes you can use two condoms for extra safe sex,by only rolling the first just over the penis head an ...
Nov 19 2009 2:12pm
left testical twisted I know for a fact that I twisted my left testicle. I twisted it myself. I am apparently not t ...
Oct 25 2009 10:31pm
>Til then, we can call you celibateman, right? (snide callous bitch) I'm a... more
Dec 09 2009 3:21pm