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Yes You Too Can Last Longer Now!!! -- Just Follow These Steps

Posted Dec 09 2012 7:02am

Who want to have a Pornstar like sex? Give your babe that sex which will make her come to you again and again.The basic funda to enjoy your sex is to delay your ejaculation to such an extent that you cum after your babe.


A healthy lifestyle is the ultimate road to a long lasting sex.A lot of stress can make you edgy which result in cuming faster again and again.A healthy lifestyle refers to avoiding a few stuffs as well:


a) Avoid hot drinks as far as possible.

b)Avoid consumption of tobacco as it makes sex life shorter.

c)Avoid masturbating regularly.


When you consume too much of hot drinks and tobacco, it affects the prostate gland which degrades the quality of semen and may even lead to infertility in men.One more thing that has to be kept in mind is not to keep mobile phones near the penis which may also harm it.


Since teenage most of us tend to masturbate a lot and we tend to get under a habit of ejaculating early.At that moment its a pleasant experience but lateron it may seem awkard and embarass you before your girl who may be totally unsatisfied by you.


Make sex a frequent exercise by which you will be able to give your babe the "OH MY GOD!!" experience.You can also make your bladder empty just before sex which will also delay your cum as well.We can always feel our climax a bit earlier it happens so use this to your advantage.As soon as you are feeling ejaculating just focus your attention off sex.You can also pinch your tube or bite yourself which will reduce your sex excitement thus delaying your cum.


The ultimate way to a successful sex life is to adapt to a particular situation.Don't get panicked.Just analyse the cause of premature ejaculation and you may find the ultimate solution as well.Don't go for consuming pills,applying creams etc. as this will be only a shorter relief.You have to get yourself mentally out of the disease and practice to bring out the man in you that can satisfy any babe.
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