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Yeast Infection Causes – What You Need to Know

Posted Apr 22 2013 8:31am

We are living in times when there's every chance that the planet we inhabit won't have enough resources to feed us all.

It's probably because of the amount of resources that we continue to consume every day, whether it's fossil fuels, oil and so on and so forth.

Bluntly put, the human race shows scant respect for the ecological balance of the universe, and in having done so for a few decades now, operate much like a virus that works overtime to replicate itself and destroy its host in the process.

To tell you the truth – the warning signs of global warming, climate change and the ongoing destruction of nature's delicate ecological balance can be attributed to the human race that has grown in large numbers – making us the dominant (and a troublesome) species on the planet.

Yes, very similar to the way an yeast infection affects our body…

Yeast Infection – An Introduction

So, what is an yeast infection?

Simply put, when the Candida Albicans bacteria multiplies exponentially to the point where one's body cannot keep them under check, this usually leads to an yeast infection.

There are a lot of reasons why this overgrowth occurs but before we cover that, it is important to understand that bacteria in this form, and in small amounts, are actually anything but harmful.

Yes, much like we need yeast to ferment beer and wine or to make yoghurt, there's a good reason why they exist on our bodies as well.

( Probiotics benefits are plain for all to see, aren't they?)

Now it must be said that when one refers to an yeast infection, there are several types and which are defined so based on the area of the infection on the body.

While the primary cause for this infection to occur is usually because of the exponential growth of bacteria, the reason for the bacteria to multiply might be different.

So, now let's look at yeast infection causes based on the location of the infection.

Yeast Infection Causes – What You Need to Know

Some of the causes are based clearly on what we do, and which differ, from location to location.

#1: Mouth

Some of the reasons why people experience an oral yeast infection is because of the overuse of antibiotics, birth control pills as well as heavy smoking. One can identify this type of an infection by the presence of white lesions in one's mouth.

#2: Skin

Some of the common areas where fungus can thrive is in warm, dark and moist areas such as the groin, underarms, the lower abdomen and the folds of one's buttocks. A lack of cleanliness as well as cuts and bruises are reasons why a skin yeast infection takes place.

#3: Vagina

Almost 75% of women will have to deal with a vaginal yeast infection at some point of time or the other in their lives. Some of the common reasons why this infection occurs is because of a weakened immune system, the overuse of birth control pills, unprotected sex, menstruation, hormonal changes, pregnancy, diabetes and hormonal changes.

#4: Systemic Candidiasis

As rare as this condition is, almost 45% of patients who suffer from this type of yeast infection die. In this condition, the infection spreads through the vagina or the mouth into the bloodstream – and if left untreated, can spread throughout the body with no chance of survival.

In Closing

Are there any other yeast infection causes that we might have missed out? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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