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WSJ Looks At Potential Use Of HPV Vaccine On Young Men.

Posted Feb 10 2009 11:02am


Still in debate is the use of the HPV Vaccine Gardasil. There is still debate whether this is safe for young girls to be vaccinated with. Human Papilloma Virus in females can cause genital warts and lesions as well as cervical cancer. In males it normally only causes genital warts or lesions. In some extreme cases they can appear as cauliflower looking growths on the genitals and the anus. The only way to protect yourself is to abstain or use protection.


Since the virus is mostly lethal to women (in some cases) there has been debate to have young males vaccinated as to not spread the disease unknowingly to women. Most people (both men and women) do not know they may be spreading because they do not know they have the virus. I think if it is safe for use in both men and women then it should be approved for use. One problem is that the vaccination is quite expensive at about $360 and often not covered by health insurance. With rising health costs and the economy the way it is, who could afford this vaccine if it was approved? The price is well worth it if it saves lives, but so are a lot of things that people can not afford.

You can read more on this study at Medical News Daily. Also for more information and incite on this topic, visit Cancer Commentary, where the question is asked, “ Should Boys Get Gardasil ” and perhaps the question of, “ Is The US Government Hiding The True Facts Of Gardasil Side Effects? “.

Image: Newscom

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