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World Cup Stamina – What Would Messi Do?

Posted Nov 14 2012 8:48am

They call him King Leo. That title has indeed caught on. We're talking about Lionel Messi – the one that they also refer to the greatest player ever.

Being as cynical of the media as I am, all this fuss about Messi was a bit annoying to me, quite frankly. Football (soccer to some folks) is a team game and it should remain that way, considering the emphasis placed on star players these days – but that's a discussion for another day.

Yet when he almost single handedly brought FC Barcelona to the Champions League semi-finals while reducing the La Liga points deficit from 10 at one juncture to 5 last season, it was time to acknowledge that he was, for all practical purposes, a genius in the world of football.

While his closest rival is Ronaldo (yes, the pretender himself!) from Portugal, and plays for rivals Real Madrid, it's becoming clear that Messi is from another planet altogether. Yup, Planet Barca, indeed.

It's Messi fever around the world to the point where people would ask themselves: What would Messi do?

Which also begs the question: Is the Barcelona player the greatest ever footballer ?

What You Need to Know About Football

Right off the bat, we're not talking about American football here but the game that the Brits invented apart from snobbish game of cricket. At its very best, teams coordinate by means of short passes, long balls and solo runs to score a goal. Put simply, there's a lot of running and strategy involved that can only be perfected at the highest level after several years of practice and healthy living.

Speaking of healthy living, the endurance levels that a professional footballer has to build up can be best described as living up to the ideal of world cup stamina .

When you talk of the world cup, names such as Baggio, Kempes, Schillachi, Pele, Maradona, Platini and a host of other stars come to mind and no matter which era they were from – it was their stamina that helped them put that extra effort that determined the outcome of winning the World Cup or not.

It's stamina that has been built up over the years through exercise that pushes past limits in growing up as an athlete. While you might not be able to achieve this type of stamina immediately, you can also try out common forms of exercises in order to help players build world cup stamina .

How to Build World Cup Stamina

While there are several methods to build stamina, here is a list of the four most common way to do so, at least, for starters:

#1: Jumping Jacks & Situps

These exercises will strengthen both the upper and lower body, and one can start with 25 repetitions and increase by another 10 if you aren't feeling too tired.

#2: Jog, jog, jog

Whether you choose to try a treadmill interval workout or to jog in the neighborhood, start by jogging for at least half a mile and increase it by another half a mile as soon as this distance doesn't get you tired.

#3: Jump Rope

While this is a simple exercise that every athlete masters, it's a good one to start with 50 repetitions with an increase of 10 repetitions if you aren't tired as yet. It must be pointed out that this exercise is the very best for not only quick feet but also for the heart and legs.

#4: Hiking

With the necessity to work against gravity, hiking not only helps you burn calories but is excellent for strengthening your heels, calves and thighs but also get your heart rate up.

In Closing

So, are there any activities that you have tried in order to build up world cup stamina? Please feel free to share your thoughts and the benefits that you've enjoyed as well.

Also, you can read this article that also speaks of other exercises by which you can build stamina too.

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