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Withdrawal and Symptoms – Drug & Alcohol Abuse

Posted Feb 17 2012 8:10am

If there's any advice that smokers always give to younger kids, it is to never think of even entertaining the idea of smoking – even if it's just for fun. Because those graphic images don't even bother the folks who have been smoking for a while now…

Especially, if it's with children who are of your age, and are just "fooling around".

Despite the fact that tobacco remains legal, it still operates as a drug, and is just as addictive as the drugs that you might have to sneak out to obtain.

The reason you'll always find this advice given to others by smokers is because of the apparent inability to quit this habit, no matter how hard you try.

And speaking of substance abuse, prescription drugs don't get off, because they're government authorized…

What you Need to Know about Alcohol & Drug Abuse

Awareness changes everything in a person's life. If you've been trying to quit any of these 'drugs' for sometime now, perhaps understanding the 'nature of the beast' will help you to a certain degree to overcome the addiction.

Without the jargon: it's really simple. The drugs have chemicals. As you progress into the habit, the brain becomes more and more dependent on these chemicals. When it's time to quit, this "process" that the brain has gotten used to is hampered.

That's why you experience irritability among other withdrawal symptoms that will drive you batty… and God save you, if you get a whiff of a cigarette during the first three days.

When you're chronically addicted to any of these drugs, the body needs to maintain the levels of alcohol or nicotine every few hours. In the case of prescription drugs, most of its addicts need something more for the pain, and hence the overdose that they can't live without.

No matter how you look at it – the both these types of addictions have to be removed.

And you can imagine what happens when you don't get your dosage every now and then?

At its very worst, think about patients in rehab centers reacting violently when they don't get what they "need". Most of the times, they get locked away in their rooms until the craving recedes. Almost ever so often, we've all come across a picture where the patient is being dragged away…

Probably this is the first symptom that one should look if you're not sure whether you're addicted to these substances… actually, most of us will know whether or not we're addicted or not.

Symptoms of Alcohol & Drug Abuse

So here's a further list that can help you confirm whether or not you are addicted or not. (Just remember that just because two of these symptoms are met, it doesn't mean that you are addicted.)

So here's a further list that can help you confirm whether or not you are addicted or not.

1. Lack of appetite and sleep

2. Disheveled appearance

3. Loss or gain of weight

4. Difficulty with physical coordination; slower body movements

5. Dilation of pupils; eyes are red; person stares blankly

6. Clothes and breath smell of drugs

7. Appear to be hyper or very tired

8. Speech is slurred or very animated and rushed

9. Hands are cold and sweaty while they have the "shakes"

10. Tend to miss work or school or other important duties due to change in routine

In Closing

Life's better without large quantities of these drugs… and certainly a much better way to live. Perhaps that's what this piece on withdrawal and symptoms should tell you.

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