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Winter Olympics – 3 Sports That Will Whip You Into Shape

Posted Sep 09 2013 8:03am

speedwalking The Winter Olympics is something I haven’t had the fortune of witnessing, on television or in person. For obvious reasons, of course.

For one, it’s sunny in my part of the world, and there will be no hint of snow not unless it’s exported in large amounts for some weird reason. Or God forbid, a cataclysm befalls our planet.

Even then, it would a nuclear winter. Not the same as a natural one. No before this conversation takes a wide-eyed view of an imminent apocalypse, the bottom line really is that our chances of seeing snow is just about the same as Major League Soccer being taken seriously in the United States.

In defense of my favorite sport (football, not soccer), it’s anything but gay although a lot of American men seem to see it that way, thanks to their affinity to full-contact sports in the form of mixed martial arts, their version of football, wrestling and the like.

But the truth is that football, as the world understands, will take a lot more out of you than you can imagine, if only in a non-threatening manner.

And we’re not even discussing what it takes to be an Olympic athlete whether, in its winter or summer version.

The Winter Olympics – An Introduction

championsdo Since this post is about whipping you into shape, in most cases, people only think of athletes who have gained much famed by participating (and winning) in the Summer Olympics. The list is endless be it Carl Lewis , Michael Phelps and Usain Bolt to name a few.

But trust you me – it takes just as much fitness and endurance to compete in the Winter Olympics. Make no mistake about that…

As mentioned earlier, I have no idea who the most popular Winter Olympic athletes but the best that I can do is tell you is that among the countries that have participated in the Winter Olympics, the United States has tasted in every event held.

Better still, the next Winter Olympics will be held in the Southern Hemisphere for the very first time in Sochi, Russia in 2014 while the 2018 Winter Olympics will be hosted by South Korea in Pyeongchang.

With that said, let’s move on to finding Winter Olympics sports that can get you into shape…

3 Winter Olympics Sports That Will Whip You Into Shape

Usually, the events held in the Winter Olympics are categorized into three parts:

#1: Ice Sports

#2: Nordic Events

#3: Alpine, Snowboarding & Skiing Events

Since there are a few events that are possible to try, we’ve picked three which seem the most plausible:

#1: Long & Short Track Speed Skating

This one has been around since the competition first began with the short version about 111 meters in length while its longer version is 400 meters. It demands more from you than you think…

#2: Ice Hockey/ Figure Skating

Speed, toughness and skill plus the patience to sit for ten minutes in a penalty box is what you need for ice hockey. As for women, figure skating brings out their finest attributes in terms of gracefulness and perfect form as the event demands.

#3: Snowboarding

You definitely need the presence of mind when you negotiate a slope and the necessary motor skills to navigate the obstacles in front of you. It’s not easy but great fun to try.

In Closing

So, are there any other Winter Olympics sports that you can think of that will fit into this list? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Also, here’s an article on boating water sports if you're more of a water rather than a snow or ice kind of a person.

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