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Why Lifting Can Save Your Life

Posted Apr 19 2010 5:53am

It’s been a little while since my last blog post because things have been pretty crazy in my life lately. So I hope to make it up to you today by exercising your most important muscle, your BRAIN…

It all started a few months ago when one of the closest people in my life passed away from a battle with the big C…yes CANCER. Basically this man was like a grandfather to me all my life even though he wasn’t an official grandfather by blood.

Even though he was in his 70’s when he passed it still doesn’t soften the blow any easier, especially since this was the FIRST time in my life I lost someone that close to me and at 31 years old, the first funeral I ever attended.

Here is a very personal message  that I am sharing  that I wrote and got done on a plaque for him and his wife back in 99.

Semone and Tommy

When I look back over the 21 years of my life, there are certain events, experiences and people who will forever be apart of me as a person.

Not only have I been fortunate enough to have two loving parents throughout my life, I have also been blessed by the love of two extraordinary people, “Semone & Tommy”.

You two have shaped my life and molded my character more than anyone will ever realize. From as far back as I can remember you have been there to pick me up when I fell, you have taken me into your home and cared for me like a child of your own, you have embraced me with the unconditional love that is as strong as any family.

Semone, from the loving kitchen that you have prepared your many meals from, to your immense generosity, you will forever have a place in my heart and soul.

Tommy, other’s may refer to you as Tom, but to me you will always be known as “Tommy”. From the many trips we have taken together, to your wisdom and patience, our journeys together have taught me lessons and values that I will carry with me all my life.

As we approach a new year as well as a new millennium. I look back at the past and more importantly look forward to the future with thanks that I have two people that will always have a special place in my heart.

Semone and Tommy…

With Sincere Love and Thanks,

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Sean Barker


…Then just a few days ago we lost another close family friend to cancer who was my next door neighbor growing up for 30 years. He even emceed our wedding reception.  Even more disheartening, he was only 59 years old and was diagnosed with cancer only two short months after retirement!

Worried about the big “C”? Well you should be! Cancer is the leading cause of death worldwide.

So here are the 3 Best Ways To Prevent Cancer.

1. Don’t Smoke

Both of my friends died of lung cancer, one smoked. I think the verdict is out on this one…

2. Eat Healthy and Exercise

Try to eat natural plants and animals and lift heavy stuff…

3. Get a Yearly Medical

Know your family history and get screened…

…Coping with all this unfortunate news has really been stressful enough the last few months but then last week I came down with the stomach flu and this weekend our 22 month old daughter comes down with a tough ear and chest infection. Nothing serious, just means even less sleep than I was already getting on top of working shiftwork and running a fitness business.

But I am responsible for taking my health in my hands and as a busy dad and husband I am constantly trying to juggle all the balls life throws my way and I believe “lifting” can save my life and YOURS.

Besides the obvious physical fitness and health benefits of weight lifting like looking better and feeling better I believe it helps keep one of the biggest known killers for men from catching up with you…STRESS

It’s unrealistic to think you can eliminate all stress but you can MANAGE it by being consistent with your workouts and healthy eating especially when dealing with life’s curveballs.

The point of this blog post was not to get you down but to wake you up and throw a bucket of cold water into the face of your life.

Lately, despite dealing with some difficult times I have been having some of my best workouts ever! Just this Sunday in the gym I squatted a personal best of 315 lbs for 4 strong reps!

In times like this my Dad Fitness workouts are not only a temporary escape from the sometimes harsh realm of reality but a wake up call to tell me I am strong, healthy and ALIVE.

I like the honesty of the iron…because the weights don’t lie and 200lbs will ALWAYS be 200lbs.

So eating healthy and exercising consistently might not guarantee that I be alive to see 100 but it will guarantee that I FEEL alive…

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