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Why does my husband have a swollen spot from where he broke his ribs about 3 years ago.

Posted by Mandi

Please someone tell me what to do, I have been letting this take over my life of worrying about his health since he has acknowledged it was there. My husband broke his ribs about 3 years ago.  He broke one and it healed and the he broke 2 more and they healed as well. Both breaks on the right side.  Then he began to notice a swollen spot exactly where he broke them.  It has gotten big.  It looks just like a fatroll, just bigger than the other side and also it pokes out swollen when he stands up, he has gotten Xrays, and MRI's within the last year and they turned out fine, he says it never hurts or bothers him and I can push on it and it doesn't really hurt unless I push too hard, which is normal because I push on his rib.  So is this something I should worry about?
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