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Why can no highly degreed Physicians figure out why lung fluid retention builds up? I think we are on 5 now.

Posted by mcj2

  For the past 2 years a member of my family has gone to 5 Specialists in his area (where he lives) for diagnosis on Lung fluid consistently filling.  He ends up having it drained, however, NO ONE has an accurate diagnosis.  He has had surgery that was NOT even needed, what the he** is going on here?

   Last visit along with his Physicain still exclaiming they can NOT, NOT, NOT figure it out?  My family member knows that time is running out.  He is not healthy and the Physicians have NO CLUE?  So much to the point that he asked if they would know once an autopsy were performed.

   I would like to know if he is seeking the wrong Physicians or if the Physicians are not taking the time to investigate?  I would like to know some answers to this mind baffling Phenom.

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