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Whey Protein Isolate – The Mother of all Dietary Supplements?

Posted May 14 2012 8:14am

Whey protein isolate has been considered to be the ultimate source of protein. Protein that is excellent, thanks to a "perfect" Protein Digestability-Corrected Amino Acid Score, and for a number of reasons such as an increase in lean muscle mass and metabolic rate along with a decrease in muscle recovery times as well as faster muscle repair.

Soy protein is almost those sources of protein that can help you get the best protein but whey , which was not necessarily considered to be of any use, in the past, is now used to create the aforementioned "superfood". Yes, complete in all respects.

Ask any athlete or bodybuilder who uses whey protein regularly for the benefits that they enjoy from this product and you'll understand why the aforementioned claim (of being the ultimate protein source) is actually fact.

Whey Protein – An Overview

As mentioned earlier, this form of protein is derived only from milk and not from other sources. That's why it's called whey protein, rather obviously. While you might be able to obtain protein from different foods such as beef, vegetables and fruits, the amount of protein that you do get is not considered to be 'complete' unlike whey protein in its purest form: whey protein isolate.

Usually, whey protein is prepared to take three forms: concentrate, hydrosylate and whey protein isolate .

Of the three, the isolate version is the purest of the lot with almost 90 % to 96 % protein which is jut perfect for endurance athletes, bodybuilders and team sports players.

Whey Protein Isolate – An Overview

There are two ways by which whey protein isolate is prepared: cross-flow microfiltration and the Ion Exchange Method. Both these methods are just as likely to come up with high quality whey protein isolate for health and fitness purposes yet experts consider the first process to be the best of the two, for the reason that it is able to capture the sub-fraction peptides that is beneficial to the objective of consuming whey protein .

Most of these drinks that you will find today are a blend of both the concentrate and isolate forms and might be 'cheaper' but in order to get the most out of whey protein, pay a little more but use the isolate form.

So, why should you opt for whey protein isolate other than the fact that it is an excellent source of protein?

The reason for this is not just the amount of protein that is available but it is the fact that the fat, lactose and bio-active compounds are also removed in the isolate form.

This form not only boosts the immune system considerably, thanks to the presence of antioxidant Glutathione, but it is also known to have the highest concentration of branched chain amino-acids (read as: complete protein) in the right proportion as well.

Most of all, the Biological Value of whey protein is at about 170, highest among foods such as eggs (100) and beef (70).

In Closing

Make no mistake: it is the mother of all dietary supplements and is every athlete's secret to a healthier and fitter body.

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