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Whey Cool

Posted Mar 04 2011 8:49am

Despite what you may think, there are proteins in all living things. When you first think of
protein you probably think of peanut butter, red meat, and fish. But the truth is that there are
proteins in dairy products, grains and even fruits and vegetables. If it has cells, it has proteins,
but the amount of proteins differs from product to product.

Aside from fish and red meats, the food product with the most protein is whey. Yes, whey. The
curious thing mixed with curds that Little Miss Tuffit guarded so valiantly against the spider…or did she run away? Hmmm.

Whey is the protein packed milk plasma left over after the milk curdles. The curdled milk, curds, is strained, and what’s left is the whey. The curds are turned into cheeses, and the whey can be processed for human consumption. No, this doesn’t sound tasty or even healthy, but if the whey is collected using safe methods, it is a perfectly excellent source of protein. For a healthier more natural protein source, myprotein manufacture and produce a healthy choice of nutritional products for the serious athlete and fitness buffs.

Whey is used to make ricotta cheese, and is used as an additive to make crackers, bread, pastries, and even processed into feed for cows (by this point the whey has come full circle).

The whey proteins, which is what they call the globular proteins separated from the whey, can also be dried until powdery and packaged as a protein supplement. Whey protein is used by body builders to repair and replace the proteins damaged during the muscle building process. Protein comes in many consumable forms including protein bar snacks , powders, drinks, shakes and protein amino acid tablet form.

Though its origins aren’t pretty, whey protein is whey cool.

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