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What You Need to Know Before Starting your Weight Loss Program

Posted Oct 29 2013 10:18am

Are you the kind of person who comes and goes as he
pleases? The kind who goes to the gym when you feel like you’ve had
too much turkey for dinner and the kind who signs up for a gym membership
just to prove to yourself that you’re actually doing something about
your health when in truth you’re only doing it just for the heck of

The problem with most of us is that we fail to take
our weight loss program seriously. We go to the gym when we’re upset,
believing that exercise brings out the happy hormones. Or we go to the
gym because our newly laundered clothes feel snug and we want to fit
into it perfectly and the best solution that we can think of at the
moment is to run an hour or two on the treadmill. And then when everything
goes back to normal, we leave the gym, go back to our old ways and eat
like there’s no tomorrow and then wake up regretting everything. The
cycle begins again, you trudge yourself to the gym, punish your body
with all sorts of exercise routines you can think of and then when you’ve
managed to shed weight you go back to your old ways.

If you want to lose weight and keep the weight off
permanently you need more than just dedication and determination. What
you really need is knowledge. You need to understand that losing weight
is more than just creating a personalized exercise program . This article aims to give you an idea of what you
need to know before you start any kind of weight loss program.

It takes time to be fit More often than not we make the mistake of thinking
that fitness can happen overnight or within a week. While it’s true
that you can see noticeable results in a week if you are so determined
dropping pounds in a very short span of time can also be detrimental.
It is important that you understand that losing weight the healthy and
right way requires time. It will probably take two to three months before
you can see positive results.

    Exercise alone cannot make you
    lose weight
Every person who asks me if they can lose weight through
exercise alone always gets the same answer, NO. If you cannot control
your appetite and if you have the tendency to binge eat when you’re
depressed or when you’re feeling sad then chances are you’ll never
lose weight. All the hard work you put yourself through will only go
to waste. So unless you form a habit of being a conscious eater you’ll
never lose weight. The reason why you need to know this is so that you
won’t get discouraged while you’re busy lifting weights and pounding
on the treadmill and not see the results you want. Diet and exercise
always go hand in hand.

    Exercise can get boring sometimes
The problem with most of us is that we start off strong
with our determination to lose weight and in the middle of our struggle
we lose interest and give up. You should know that exercise can get
boring sometimes. The secret to an eventful and fun exercise program
is variety. Don’t stick with the same routine day after day because
you’ll soon get sick of it. Schedule your exercise routines properly
so you can have something new and different to look forward to every

    You can take supplements together
    with your diet and exercise
Supplements get tainted with a bad name because of
bogus companies and it’s sad that credible companies get affected
as well. If you want to hasten the whole weight loss process you can
do so just as long as you ask your doctor which supplements to take.
Fat burners are especially effective in melting away your fats. If you’re
after building muscle you should also consider taking Tongkat Ali extract. Tongkat Ali is an herbal supplement that
specifically targets testosterone levels, increasing it in a healthy
way. Once testosterones are on the rise muscle bulk will follow.

These four facts will open your mind to the real world
of fitness. Fitness isn’t all about going to the gym and trying out
every single piece of equipment you eye on. Fitness requires that you
understand what it’s all about and what is in store for you. Setting
wrong expectations will spell disaster so you need to equip yourself
first before you start with any program.


http://www.naturaltongkatali. com 01/03/seven-things-you-should- know-before-starting-regular- exercise/


Florence Aguilar is a registered nurse working for, is an avid
health writer who keeps himself abreast of the latest research and studies
on Tongkat Ali Extract and Health Topics. He believes in the benefits
of c ontinued learning and aims to inspire and make the
world a better place for both men and women through his writings.

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