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What would cause gas or air to come out of my penis at the very end of my urine stream?

Posted by mattblack

after a long car ride and being dehydrated, I urinated and at the end of my stream, when I was all finished, my penis flatulated, followed by a light pink, mucousy droplet.  That was the first and only time over the last 2 weeks that the pink was present.  I spent my 3rd birthday in the hospital ahving surgery on a congential ulcer, and the dr.'s performed a vegatomy(?) on my stomach nerves.  I have had a pain in my lower back, right side, along with a dull pain in the right side of my lower abdomen, which just started today.  I appreciate your help.  I am going to the ER tomorrow, and just don't want to be suprised.  Have you ever heard of air or gas coming out of a penis?  VERY strange, and I cannot find ANY info on the web.  Thanks,


- matt

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Well Sir I am going though the same thing right nowith out the puss I found on the web that the usuall cause of this is a fistual (kind of like a tunnel between your rectum or colon going ino the ureatha thus the  gas . So after learning this I went to see my Dr this morning and found out she was in total agreement with me and has set up a appointment with my urologist for next week he will run some test and find where the two oppnings are and probably though surgery fix the proublem . All my best to you and I hope you get everything taken care of very soon . Jim
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