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What tests should be given to a 46 year old man during a COMPLETE physical? How often should someone that age have one?

Posted by auntmaggie

My friend is 46 years old. He has a very high stress level due to his job and numerous other factors. He overthinks everything and worries about tiny things. He had his thyroid removed a couple of years ago. He has high cholesterol and recently stopped his medication. He also has high liver enzymes. He has obstructive sleep apnea which a surgery could correct but he refuses to have. He gets depressed and is moody. I worry about him and want to help him see the benefits of medical care and living a healthier lifestyle. His father died at 46 from some type of liver disease. His father was an alcoholic and my friend very seldom drinks alcohol.  Whew! Ok thats it. :) Thank you.
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