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what's the approximate cost for green light laser therapy for prostate?

Posted by carmen

I have to put money in my flexible spending account to cover this cost. Can you give me a ball park idea? I'm in Ohio. My insurance covers 80%, I pay 20%
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As a family physician & geriatrican who practices in Nevada, I don't have the slightest clue as to the ballpark cost of the procedure in which you're interested.  I tried to look around last week but couldn't get anywhere online so I figured I'd let someone else answer your question.  Well, here it is a week later and no one else has stepped in.


My recommendation is to first ask around as to which urologists have good reputations in your area.  Then ask their offices for the cost of the procedure & ancillary factors.  In fact, I would suggest asking the urologist who recommended the green light laser to you.  After all, you know him/her best (at least for now).  Good luck!

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