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What's causing my throat and even inside my nose to be red and a bit sore?

Posted by 0752

Hi, I've had a red throat that is a little sore on and off (usually just a bit sore in the morning) for probably about 1 month.  The doctor gave me an antibiotic for my throat and said perhaps it's some kind of infection.  The medicine is finished and I haven't noticed a difference.  I've also recently noticed that inside my nose it looks like my skin is really red and it's irritated. Not the skin just barely inside your nose that you can easily see.  This is a bit further in.  It's hard to see but I can tell that it's definately red. I've also been feeling many cold sores around my mouth -- none of which have actually broken through the skin. I thought at first I contracted HSV just recently and this is all because of my initial HSV infection? However, now I'm wondering if something else is going on and that's what is triggering the HSV?  I've felt cold sores forming in new places on my lips everyday now for the last week. Any ideas?
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