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What might be causing the pain and swelling in my groin?

Posted by curiousspartan

For over a year I have had swelling and pain in my groin. It began after being very sick. After a severe coughing attack as I remember. So at first I thought it was a hernia. At times it seemed as thugh I could "push it in". Lately, while the protrution seems less severe, the pain has been increasing, it's more annoying than anything. 

The bulge and pain (not always present) is right at the fold of the leg, two inches (diag) above  the top of the scrotum.  

Is there a chance...

...this is just a lymph infection? 
... it is a hernia?
... It is cancerous?

I am 44 years old, once fit and only 5 lbs over weight.  I drink only moderately and do not smoke. I have no insurance, I am unemployed and I don't fear death.  

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