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What is wrong with my penis?

Posted by OneHandClapping

For the past few weeks, I've noticed some extra sensitivity with my penis on the underside. I'm 33, uncircumcised, and bathe and wash the important parts carefully each daily including pulling back the foreskin, soaping it up thoroughly, rinsing, drying, etc.

Basically, when I'm detumescent, I might feel a twinge from the foreskin pulling away from the bottom side of the glans. After I'm erect, the sensitivity disappears. During bathing, after I wet everything with soap and water, the sensitivey goes away, too. It returns when my little fella is tucked away, and I pull him out to urinate, or when I first pull him out to play with him for a bit either in solo activity or with my partner.

I have used a mirror to inspect the underside. I see no signs of bleeding, of infection, or tears in the skin either in the glans or in the foreskin. And sexual activity of either sort produces normal erections, and the sensitivity in said area seems to disappear during erections. My foreskin has always been loose, and I do not have any STDs, and I haven't had any affairs that would have lead to contracting one. What do you think is the problem?

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