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What is causing altered sensation in lower limbs?

Posted by maxwilde

2 weeks ago my boyfriend woke up with pins and needles in both his lower legs.  He also complained of a band of pain across his chest.

The pins and needles remained and spread to the entire leg and then to above the groin area.

 He visited his GP who carried out a basic neurological assessment. He admitted he didnt know what was causing it and just said to keep an eye on the symptoms and return in 2 weeks if they hadnt dissipated.

 The symptoms have not improved at all. He has constant pain in his legs which he describes as a stabbing pin sensation. His gait has become altered due to the altered sensation.  He finds walking up a flight of stairs extremely difficult.  The altered sensation  reaches from his feet to his waistband and he still gets occassional pain in a band across his chest which appears to be unilateral.

He is also suffering with constipation.

Please help. Im extremely worried this may be a serious neurological problem. Possibly Guillain-Barre Syndrome or MS.

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